Land Of Paradise Beach


Get ready to be a part of a dream with that magical atmosphere which will make you feel all aspects of Mediterranean. Your voyage that started with dreams, will welcome you as soon as you enter the city with unique sea and nature view.

Discover Paradise

Land Of Paradise Beach, located in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, the Evrenseki district of Antalya / Alanya / Türkler, is a wonderful choice to live a holiday with quality service and right in the heart of wonderful beauties of Mediterranean. You will have an unforgettable holiday at Land Of Paradise Beach where professional and smiling service and enchanting beauty o deep blue Mediterranean merges.


Land Of Paradise Beach Hotel will give you fun times during your holiday with a friendly animation team that makes you get rid of stress with fun, sports and culture activities all day long. Our animation team will make your vacation nothing but ordinary by organizing sports activities, pool games and competitions.Land Of Paradise Beach Animation team offers you the perfect combination off holiday and fun with the quality music and dance shows at nights.

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Land Of Paradise